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The Ancient Alien Astronauts Theory


The basic idea behind the ancient alien astronauts theory is that thousands of years ago mankind was either genetically created and altered by extraterrestrials, or the direct offspring of t...

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This Is What The Grand Canyon Has Looked Like S...


The Grand Canyon is known for being a powerful and overwhelming landscape. One of the most incredible things about this landmark is its sheer size. It’s approximately 277 river miles long, up to ...

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AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL X-Ray Art And Photos From B...


Sydney-based artist Brendan Fitzpatrick makes beautiful photos of x-rayed versions of everyday objects, including toy robots, animals, flowers, and RC vehicles. Check out more of his work and get p...

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Sikorsky S-97 Raider Helicopter Prototype


Sikorsky’s record-breaking X2 Demonstrator helicopter may be a museum piece these days, but the technology that went into it is still alive and kicking as the United Technologies subsidiary takes...

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